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July 30, 2010

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Shifting Time for Transformation: A Mid-Summer Moon Vision Quest

June 25, 2010

This post is from our good friend, wizard and Mythological Astrologer, Steve Nelson.

Great information for shifting at Mid-Summer as well as throughout the summer!!!

Mythic Times: Mid-Summer Moon Vision Quest June 24-29

On June 24 the Sun begins to move southward again, this is when snakes shed their skin and so can we. The key ritual traditions of this time are full body water immersion, fire leaping and freeform dance: Immerse 3 times to clear the emotional body, circle clockwise 3 times a small fire (a candle will do) before jumping over 3 times to clear the mind, then dance freeform to release body armor, dispel astral shadow and shed psychic skin. This opens the way for new vision and new energies flowing in.

In Celtic lore, June 24 / Midsummer Day, is the time when “magic is most potent and fairies become visible.” As we dance to release our body armor and so set ourselves free we may see into the more subtle realms and glimpse the devas, the nature spirits called fairies by the Celts. We might also gain access to the subtle world from where creation comes. What is envisioned and focused here as an ideal can be made real.

The Year ebbs and flows like an ocean tide rising upward from Spring Equinox and cresting during Summer Solstice June 19-24. This is when vital energy is most elevated in plants, in trees, and in all of us. Country people know this is the best time for weeding gardens when energy is most up out of the roots. Likewise, this is the best time for “psychic weeding” when energy is most up and out of our subconscious roots.

When (as this year) Solstice occurs in a waxing Moon, the energy wave continues to grow until the Full Moon (June 26) cresting then and running high for the next 3 days (June 27-29). June 24-29 is the Mid-Summer Full Moon vision quest time in Native American tradition. All the Celtic traditions of Midsummer extend through this time period.

In addition to the lunar cycle expanding the Summer Solstice/Midsummer influence period, there is the Hora system to consider. The zodiacal year divides into 24 Horae and each Hora is 15 degrees or about (a wee bit over) 15 days. Each Hora or zodiacal half sign is unique. The first half of each yin sign (e.g. Cancer) has an especially powerful yin quality while the second half of the sign is relatively yang. The new consciousness coming through Summer Solstice / Midsummer is nurtured and made ready for expression curing the first half of Cancer June 21- July 5. This is the Summer Solstice Hora. At the close of this time period the new consciousness is ready to express its independence.

In this current cycle, a new global consciousness is emerging that will come to active expression following the July 11 solar eclipse. In the interim focus is on clearing our channels for new insight and understanding. In the course of this time June 21- July 5 we are each due to receive a vision of our purpose in the world. In Native American tradition this is the time of the Vision Quest to discover our unique role in the tribe. Vision quest usually means time in nature (perhaps trekking up a mountain) looking for animal signs and other clues to our future role. Insights also come through dreams and chance encounters, We are living in an extraordinary time now when the nature and focus of western civilization is being transformed and it is important to find our place in the new creation. We are nearing a planetary initiation, an awakening of global consciousness of which we are part. This is the most important happening of our time.

Snakes shed their skins at Midsummer and so can we. Snakes shed their physical skins, we shed our psychic skins. This is a time when karma can be cleared and our dharma can be realized. The old ways tell how. Time and place and the four elements are keys.

This Mid-Summer Full Moon (June 24-29) is a time to realize who we are and what we came here for. This is the time of the Native American Vision Quest, this is the time of the sacred Sun Dance, this is when Spirit shows us the way. As we free ourselves from the patterns of old ways, we come to see and live our true life story.

“Through celebrations in their seasons are the deeper powers of human nature realized” ~ Rudolph Steiner

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs are people who have come alive.” ~ Howard  Thurman

The Total Eclipse of the Sun July 11 2010

The July 11 Total Eclipse of the Sun is the most important event of 2010. A solar eclipse is Mother Nature’s most effective editing tool. As an eclipse occurs above, things get eclipsed/eliminated here below. Whatever needs eclipsing comes up in weeks and months before. A total solar eclipse is an opportunity to eliminate patterns of thought and behavior that are troubling our world. This is the time to clear away what stands in the way of a new creation. A solar eclipse is positively transformative as we learn to detach from what is breaking down and shift attention to what is breaking through. Energy bound in old forms is released powering dreams to be realized. The more shadow patterns are transformed, the more energy is freed for the new creation. So continues the cycle of death and rebirth, destruction and re-creation. The world is ready for change.  A total eclipse of the Sun is an opportunity to change whatever we wish at the deepest level. All that’s needed is to be still, slow down and go within to the creative source of transformation in this special time (July 10-12).

At the July 11 solar eclipse the Sun and Moon are in the 20th degree of Cancer conjunct Adhara, “the maiden” star identified with the High Priestess in Tarot. Every 11 day resonates with Tarot Key 11 Justice and Key 2 the High Priestess. The Sun/Moon squares Eris/Persephone at 22 Aries 15 and Eris closely semi-sextiles the dwarf planet Sedna at 22 Taurus 15. This is significant because Sedna exactly conjuncts the location of the gulf oil spill and has since it began. Sedna is the Inuit goddess of the ocean depths, she rules the fishes of the sea. Sedna is a large dwarf planet with a very long slow extended orbit, she comes near our solar system only every 10.000 years and just happens to be around in our lifetime for this important global shift. (In Greek mythology, Sedna is equivalent to Hekate the companion of Persephone.) Significantly, Sedna and the oil spill are located in the same degree as Chicago in the zodiac projected on Earth. According to A.A. Bailey’s Destiny of the Nations, Chicago is the solar plexus chakra of the nation. The solar plexus center is a fire chakra that focuses energy for transformation. In order to understand how all this all fits together for our time we will have to take a look at the Greek myth of the god Chiron, the wise king of the centaurs.

The Chiron Myth: A Legend for Our Time

Chiron lives at a time (like now) when there is an ugly war going on between the new gods and goddesses of Olympus and old world giants called the Titans. Whatever the new gods try to create the old Titans destroy. Coming down from his mountain retreat, Chiron sees all this and realizes the gods and goddesses are losing the battle because they are not united: each has their own shrine and following and they just aren’t co-operating enough to win the war. So Chiron gathers all the gods and goddesses around a common fiery altar high on a mountain where he unites them to defeat the Titans. For this unifying ritual to work, Chiron has to sacrifice a wolf called Lupus on the fiery altar. Through this ritual sacrifice the gods and goddesses are joined together, the Titans are defeated, and a New Age begins.

Chiron  appears in the heavens as constellation Centaurus holding the wolf Lupus, over the fiery altar Ara. These 3 constellations are part of the original set of 48 constellations used by the ancients to describe all that occurs in the world. Each “decan constellation” corresponds to one of the 36 decanates or decans (10 degree parts) of the zodiac. Chiron/Centaurus is 2nd decan Leo and this aptly so as this is the Sagittarius subsign. People born in this decan play a Chironic role in the world. Lupus the Wolf is the 3rd decan of Libra. Libra is ruled by Venus the goddess of love and beauty and higher truth. Venus represents the power to restore natural law and order. And Venus embodies the soul’s capacity to alchemically fuse the four elements of personality into soul (more about Venus follows).

The ‘burning up of the wolf’ is a key phase of psychic alchemy (see Liz Greene’s Dynamics of the Unconscious), referring to the transformation or ‘psychizing’ of primal energy. Lupus symbolizes the shadow aspect of the psyche and represents all that is renegade to our soul’s purpose. This wolf has to be transformed before the diverse elements of personality (the gods and goddesses) can be unified. The global shadow wolf must be transformed before we can enter the new age. In Norse mythology we’re in the time of Ragnarok the last war at the end of the age when the Fenris wolf is set loose on the world. In the zodiac projected on Earth 3rd decan Libra, Lupus the Wolf, brackets Afghanistan and covers much of Pakistan. So how is the shadow wolf transformed? The instructions are in Tarot Key 58, the 4 of Swords: <>

The Four of Swords Meditation, Transforming the Shadow Wolf

The Rider-Waite Tarot card Four of Swords represents the 3rd decan of Libra and Lupus the Wolf decan constellation. In this card we see the reclining figure of a man lying on an altar-like platform in what looks to be a chapel. In the upper left of the frame there is a stained glass window with a woman standing and a man kneeling before her. This could be Mother Mary and a worshiper though he looks to have a musical instrument so perhaps he is a troubadour serenading his beloved. This scene represents reverence for the divine feminine and spiritual nature. The way to the higher world is through the divine feminine. The transformation of the shadow wolf opens the way within. The man lying has his hands in prayer pose directly over the solar plexus. The solar plexus is a fire chakra, it is the fiery altar to which Chiron brings the shadow wolf. Beside the stained glass window there is a curtain rod pointing downward to the sexual chakra of the reclining figure and at the bottom of this rod is the small head of a wolf. The instructions in this card are clear: Lie down on your back (preferably head north) elbows at your side and bring your hands together finger tips touching over the solar plexus. Take several deep breaths while the energy from the palm chakras activates the solar plexus. Then whatever needs to be transformed will move through the palms onto the altar fire. Prolonged deep breathing in this position will transform anything you bring to mind.

Venus with the King star Regulus July 9 at the Balsamic Moon invokes transformation of the King (the global order) through the July 11 Solar Eclipse and lunar cycle following (7/11-8/9). Saturn in Libra soon after on July 22 (until Oct 2012) empowers the creation of new organizations and social structures in harmony with the emerging Aquarian consciousness.

The Dark of the Moon (July 10-12) is a 3-day period beginning the day before the New Moon and ending at Sunset the day after when the crescent is visible. While unfavorable for most outer activities, this time is ideal for inner work and for energy clearing. The New Moon Solar Eclipse (July 11 at 3:40 pm edt/ 7:30 pm gmt) is a cosmic spring that flows freely bringing blessings as we slow down and go within. This eclipse brings tremendous changes through the 7/11-8/9 lunar cycle and for many months to come. A total solar eclipse sets global focus for the time until the next total solar eclipse occurs on 13 Nov 2012.

The Crescent New Moon July 12-15 energizes whatever it touches; this is a time to bring forward what we wish to be realized. Farmers plant seeds after the crescent New Moon appears (July 12/13) when seeds are most fertile on every level. Seeds sown now will flourish in this lunar cycle and in months to come. The Moon magic is strongest from Sunset to Moonset when the Moon shines through the 7th House. Venus with the Crescent Moon is a boon for lovers and empowers us to help restore natural law and order in the world.

Evening Star Venus: Venus Hesperus/Cerridwen/Xolotl/Arwen

“Without doubt the most important star shining on Middle Earth is Earendil, the star to which the Elves sing praise as Elbereth Gilthoniel – the radiant star-queen who was born of a Silmaril jewel. Earendil, who is also alive as a beautiful Elf-woman Arwen Evenstar, is our Venus.”  – Paul F. Newman, Mountain Astrologer article titled “One Ring to Rule Them All”

Evening Star Venus leads the way within. Look for Venus shining brightly in the western sky just after Sunset. This phase of Venus is called “Venus Hesperus” after the western isle of the Hesperides where the golden apple tree of Venus/Aphrodite/Hera grows. The Hesperides or ‘Apple Isle,’ is the original Isle of Avalon. Evening Star Venus is also called ‘Venus Cerridwen’ in honor of the first Queen of Avalon. Cerridwen is keeper of the Cauldron of Inspiration, of death, rebirth and healing. As the Evening Star Venus, Cerridwen presides over the death and rebirth of the King, the death and rebirth of the order of things.

The early Mayans saw Evening Star Venus as a fiery cauldron containing the magic Sun dog Xolotl. The Mayans believed this dog a creature of the Sun and would say that Evening Star Venus “pushes the Sun into healing darkness.” At this time Xolotl is dismembered and cooked in the cosmic caldron in order to be resurrected in the next phase of the cycle. Long held secrets are revealed, wounded heroes and kings are healed, leaders are transformed or removed from the scene when Venus Xolotl is seen.

Evening Star Venus also appears as the elf queen Arwen (Arwen Evenstar) in the Lord of the Rings. Arwen’s presence is needed to exorcise the King of Rohan, the horse kingdom of the west (America). More than a single leader, the King represents the collective consciousness of our western culture. In esoteric tradition (A.A. Bailey) it is said that Venus is to the Earth as the soul is to personality. Venus represents the anima mundi, the soul of Gaia. Venus/Arwen leads the way of transformation and healing.

All this mythology is especially relevant this year because the 2010 zodiacal year (3/21/2010 – 3/21/2011) is a Year of Venus. The keynotes of Venus we know best are love, grace and beauty. In addition Venus rules the higher mind, the realm of pure archetypes that become beauty in manifestation. The divine grace of Venus comes through as we release muscle tension and body armor in our practices especially through spiritual dance (see following). Divine grace is a power for healing and for restoring natural law and order. Sheriffs of the old west wore the five-pointed star of Venus made of copper, the metal of Venus. This practice was instituted based on medieval magical tradition. Venus brings power to restore the natural order and this power works through us as we attune to Venus and do our dance.

Attuning to Venus now opens hearts and clears shadows, we focus on the light of the Evening Star and breathe deeply to release all that makes the heart heavy and open it to receive the blessings of Venus. Evening Star Venus offers opportunity to clear whatever may obscure our way so we can realize the deepest desire of the heart, our soul’s destiny.

“Venus is occasionally referred to as Guener. This may be a simple translation into Welsh of the name Venus, but I like to associate it with Queen Guinevere – she who was often abducted and returned unharmed, just as Venus disappears as evening star to reappear at dawn. Gwen (or Guen) as a prefix also means ‘white’ or ‘light’ and Venus is often called ‘the shining one.'” ~ Sarah Fuhro, in anarticle entitled The Four Fire Festivals: subtitled A Druid’s Star Lore in Mountain Astrologer

Celtic Dance: A Key to Transformation

Throughout the Celtic world there are many images of a circle cross that is key to connecting heaven and earth, spirit and the natural world. These images illustrate the way of the Circle Cross Dance practiced by the Celts. To do this dance you simply spin in each direction on a circle in which you will be doing your dance. First you go to the east point of your dance circle and do 3 turns clockwise, repeating this in the south, west and north and then going back to the east to complete the circle before you enter the center to open the way between worlds. The Native American Medicine Wheel Dance is done just in this way. The sequence is the same beginning in the east, turning clockwise at each direction and moving clockwise around the circle back to the east. Then you go to center and “the Medicine Wheel begins to turn”. Clockwise turns are done at the center until the channel between soul and personality becomes clear, then hands are brought together as in prayer, palms connecting over the heart/throat centers. There is a brief pause and then, as the palms part, you surrender to soul/spirit to dance your body free of tension or body armor that holds old outmoded patterns of belief and behavior. This dance is best done at the turning times of the Year (equinoxes, solstices and cross-quarters), the turning times of the Moon (new, full and quarters) and Day (the canonical hours). All hours are good during this special time June 24-29.

Clockwise movement is key to generating an energy vortex for healing and transformation. Whirling dervishes use clockwise movement 3 times round to set the circle before counterclockwise whirling to conduct spiritual forces into the world. First we clear the channel through clockwise movement, then we bring through the high energy contacted thereby. The Essene “Circle Dance of Jesus” is also done clockwise with turns at each of the cardinal points to open the way for the angels to stand at the four corners of the circle. These are the 4 angels at the corners of the world. This dance was the inspiration for the song Lord of the Dance. Clockwise whirling is also common in Contra, an English and French “country” dance that is rooted in Celtic/Druid magical tradition. I believe Jesus learned the dance from his Druid tutors in Britain.

Through clockwise circle dance the ethers are stirred to send prayers to heaven and open vortices of healing energy. The caduceus for healing has twin serpents coiling upward. Energy flows upward as the body turns clockwise, turning counterclockwise (widershins) brings energy down from from above.

Clockwise whirling before meditation and prayer clears the way to center. Children spin without instruction, adults often need to know why. Whirling melts away worldly connections and opens an energy channel between heaven and Earth. As the physical body turns, the auric field picks up the spin and a spiral movement is generated in the surrounding ethers. A vortex then forms extending high in the air and deep into the Earth. This vortex is like water whirling down a bathtub drain. Whatever needs to be released from the emotional body and the auric field goes down the drain. Then whatever needs to come through from Spirit can come through. This simple act of whirling clockwise (Sunwise) helps clear a channel through the veil of illusion that is the lower astral world. By this means we can help build the antakarana, the “rainbow bridge” connecting Heaven and Earth.

The World Card and the Dance of the World Mother

Dance can be effective for psychic transformation. The Hindu Mother Kali dances on the Fiery Wheel at the hub of the universe.
(The Woman’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets, p. 149 by Barbara Walker). Tarot Key 21, the World, shows the dance of World Mother: A woman clad in a spiraling purple sash dances within a circle of greenery. At the four corners are images representing the 4 creatures of Ezekiel’s vision and the 4 zodiacal fixed signs: a Lion (Leo), a Bull (Taurus), an Eagle (Scorpio), and an Angel (Aquarius). The cross ties on the wreath of greenery are the Solstices on the seasonal wheel of life and true noon and midnight in the day. Tarot Key 21 The World is the Key to the 21st Century. The 20th Century was the Last Judgment, we did that, now it’s time to dance our way into world consciousness.

The World card also symbolizes the Navaho and Hopi “Whirling Rainbow Woman” who teaches how to claim sacred space and activate the “song lines.” Sacred space is consecrated through the dance. This may be preceded by smudging with sage and/or cedar. The dance always includes first circling the chosen space clockwise (or Sunwise) at least 3 times. Whirling clockwise at center then helps clear mundane worldly connections and open the way between the way between worlds.

Whirling clockwise breaks the “aka threads” (Huna tradition) that hold personal connections with others, other peoples expectations and judgments. Whether these are positive or negative they will be limiting as regards the capabilities of our soul. Whirling temporarily breaks these connections (and clears them) while strengthening the connections that go up to high heaven and down to the heart of the Earth. This is the secret of the whirling dervishes, it is a way to support the union of Heaven and Earth.

After whirling, empathically connect with a person who needs healing or with an issue of concern. Move clockwise round the center of the room while feeling this need, Let feelings be expressed through sound and movement. Dance until you surrender to the dance and spirit dances the body. Then the soul will move the body and all that stands in the way of divine grace and power to heal. The clearer the physical channel, the more the body moves with grace and channels the healing power of vital chi, “the holy spirit.” As need is felt for healing and for transforming, spirit will move through the form to bring the power to meet the need. Kathi Kali temple dancers of India were paid for this purpose, to heal, to take on the suffering and release the karma of another through dance.

Drum circles have been forming all over America over the past many years. The general format is a circle of drummers creates space for dancers in the center. Dancing is key to psychic transformation, the drum circle is a lens for transformation. Discordant psychic energies are transformed into harmony and feed their power to the circle. The drum circle feeds on discord and turns it into harmony! The archetypal tribal village has a dance ground east of center. The Cherokee call this “the Square Ground.” Many cities and smaller towns (including most state capitols in the US) have such a space often simply called The Square. Mary Bethune Park located east of the Capitol in Washington is configured to serve this role for DC.

This is our time, we are the world, we are awakening. Ah ho!

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Happy Mid-Summer Full Moon!
Steve Nelson, Tracy Latz & Marion Ross

Infertility: Hormonal Effects of Sleep, Stress, and Light Exposure

June 11, 2010

Humans are very much affected by biological rhythms (Circadian rhythms) and these rhythms are determined by length of daylight hours.  In the center of our brain we have a structure called the pineal gland that is instrumental in regulating hormonal balances in our body based on our length of exposure to daylight.  Primitive man only had to deal with light in the form of daylight or moonlight; however, modern man has a more chaotic light exposure with the advent of technology such as the electric lightbulb, computers, video games and television.  We are no longer limited in our activity by the length of our available sunlight or moonlight.

Much of the early sleep studies were done at Van Cauter Sleep lab at the University of Chicago.  A 1999 study there showed that chronic insomnia could trigger metabolic and endocrinological changes that mimicked aging.  A 2001 study revealed that sleep deprivation could lead to insulin resistance, a risk factor for the development of adult onset diabetes.  A 2002 study showed chronic sleep deprivation could decrease immune function and make a personmore susceptible to infection. A study done at the University of Chicago (published in the Annals of Internal

Medicine in December 2004) found that sleeping only 4 hours for 2 nights had the effect of decreasing the homone leptin by 18% and increasing the hormone grehlin.  Grehlin is produced by the stomach and triggers the sensation of hunger.  Leptin is released by fat cells and stimulates the brain to feel satiety or fullness.  These 2 hormones can play a long-term role in regulation of body weight.

We have long known that women’s menstrual cycles are influenced by Circadian rhythms as menstrual cycles run on 28-day cycles, the same as the lunar cycle. A study at the University of California San Diego Sleep Lab revealed that the length of women’s menstrual cycles were altered by exposing women while they slept to artificial light around the middle of their cycles (near the time of ovulation).  Hormones that trigger ovulation and even sperm maturation process are tied to natural biological or Circadian rhythms.  The pineal gland is instrumental in a calibrated release of melatonin and cortisol during restorative sleep stages.  Compared with good sleepers, people with insomnia secrete more cortisol in the evening before bedtime and in the first half of their sleep.

Stress is the principal cause of insomnia and affects millions of Americans. How does stress cause insomnia?  Falling asleep is a natural process that involves a series of events. As we approach sleep, metabolism gradually decreases, heart rate slows and blood pressure lowers. Breathing becomes deeper and more regular; and we utilize less oxygen. The muscles in our body, which have been tense much of the day to keep us upright and moving about, begin to relax. At the same time, the processing activity of the wakeful brain shifts. The activity of neurons in the cerebral cortex slows and becomes more synchronized, indicating a transition from the complex, activated patterns of waking consciousness and toward a more homogenous, deactivated state. As a result, we stop paying attention to the sensory messages coming in from the outside world, and we slip into a peaceful, quiet sleep.

Cortisol, released during a stress response, is excitatory; it wakes us up. Blood levels of cortisol have been shown to increase between 50 and 160 percent within thirty minutes of waking; that produces the powerful jolt to awaken us up and get us moving in the morning. After that, cortisol levels should decrease as the day progresses and reach their lowest point in the evening, allowing us to rest, relax, and then drift off to sleep.

Cortisol levels are often affected by the stress of our daily hectic lives. Threatening or demanding events cause us to temporarily secrete higher levels of cortisol. Typically, that’s a good thing, because we need to be aroused and vigilant in order to face and deal with the tests and challenges that arise in our lives. However, when we experience prolonged stress, whether real or perceived, our cortisol levels get stuck at a chronically high level, that’s bad news for our bodies and emotions, and especially bad news for our ability to sleep and relax. Chronically elevated cortisol leaves us perpetually hyperaroused. Numerous studies indicate that insomnia is accompanied by excessive activation of the stress-response system during both waking hours and sleep as well. Furthermore, chronically high levels of cortisol and its precursor, adrenocorticotropic hormone, can make sleep shallow, broken, and unrestful with a delay in the onset of sleep.

Meditation, stress reduction techniques and mindfulness exercises have been proven to assist with significantly decreasing stress and improving the quality of sleep and periods of relaxation.  The books I have co-authored along with Marion Ross, Ph.D. (“Shift: A Woman’s Guide to Transformation” and “SHIFT: 12 Keys to Shift Your Life”) were written after we taught the concepts in seminars and courses for 8 years and used the tools and techniques to dramatically decrease perceived stress, anxiety, and mild depression in my patients, colleagues and friends.

Wishing you a restful and joy-filled life!

Tracy Latz, M.D. (a.k.a. The Shift Doctor)

“Giving You the Keys to Shift Your Life”

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Family Reunions- Time for Dysfunction or Healing

June 10, 2010

Summertime means the advent of fireflies, outdoor barbeques, family vacations… and family reunions. Family gatherings can create stress for many people for various reasons. Our family knows all of our buttons and we have had ingrained patterns of behaviors or dances that we do with our close family members.  How many of us leave family gatherings with parents and/or siblings saying something like: “I don’t know why I feel just like I did as a kid when I am with my family!  I’m not a kid any more but we do the same dances we did back then!”

It is so easy to have our “buttons” pushed when we are around people who know us so well…. they know all of our vulnerabilities and seem to target them when stress or tempers flare… often with the “best intentions”, wittingly or unwittingly.  Our parents or other family members can sometimes also get into a power play with us as, not wanting to give up control and acknowledge that we are no longer children; and we are powerful now as adults in our own decision making ability.

Is it OK to avoid certain events? Yes, it is indeed okay to avoid family events that you know are going to create more distress and angst than joy in your life.  You are not a victim of your family.  You are very powerful as an adult in your choice of who you spend time with.  While family traditions may have existed for years, it is okay to develop your own traditions in your own family as an adult.

How do you handle family comments such as “you’re not getting any younger, when are you going to lose that weight, if you’d only taken my advice, I didn’t let my children do that,” etc.? You can do the old family dance, bite the hook dangling in front of you, and become angry, resentful, guilty, shame-filled, heartbroken, define your self by your age and infertility, or you can choose to transform those old faulty thoughts and negative emotions.  You can choose to shift how you perceive the situation and people who are posing the test and challenge for you.  We teach people how to use quick tapping techniques and meditations that assist with getting out of negative thought patterns and back into their heart in such situations. We teach these easy-to-use tools and techniques in our books and seminars and give meditations for transformation that can be downloaded from

If someone finds it hard to transform the anger or resentment, then you can use the “La Cucaracha” Exercise that Marion and I developed which goes as follows:

Picture the person that is making inappropriate statements or that is ‘pushing your buttons’ as if they were a giant cockroach.  While this may sound bizarre, it can really work. Think about it.  A cockroach is completely predictable; it will come out in the dark and runs to hide when the light is on.  We do not expect the cockroach to act any differently on any given day.  The level of consciousness of a cockroach dictates that it will indeed come out in the dark and run to hide when a light is on.  We do not get angry at a cockroach for not coming out when the lights are on.

Think about someone who repeatedly annoys you.  If you really think about it, aren’t their behaviors pretty predictable after a while?  The specifics may change but the pattern probably remains fairly stable over time.  Isn’t that person sort of like a cockroach; or, for those of you squeamish about cockroaches, like an ant in one of those plastic ant farms you might have had as a kid?  Remember how those ants would move the piece of bread around while you were away at school, or out playing, or while you slept at night?  Yet you didn’t sit there and scream at the ant or beat on the side of the fragile plastic walls of the ant farm, did you? If you did, this exercise may not work for you… chuckle.

Now, think of the person whom you are harboring anger towards and see them as if they are a giant ant or cockroach wearing human clothes, with their antennae bobbing around on the top of their head and their little insect arms dangling off their sides.  If you picture this image when you are around the person in question, then you will likely not be so attached to their behaviors and will not take what they say or do so seriously or so personally.  Sometimes it can help to hum softly under your breath, “La cucaracha, La cucaracha…” The Spanish term for cockroach is “cucaracha”.

You will find when you do this exercise you will have more of a sense of humor towards the person angering you, your self, and the situation in general.  Of course, you should remove your self from any abusive situation.  You do not have to choose to participate in the old dysfunctional family dance…. you are very powerful in your choices. Bring the joy back into family gatherings by changing your perception. Transformation of your perception and choosing to react differently can powerfully change the dynamics of any relationship.

Wishing you and your family a peaceful and joy-filled summer 🙂

Loads of Light to you all!

The Shift Doctors  (Tracy Latz M.D. & Marion Ross, Ph.D.)

The Shift Doctors and WOW in the LA County Jail – Shifting Lives

April 26, 2010

We taught our one day (8 hour) seminar to the Women of WITS (WOW) program at the L.A. County Jail in Los Angeles. WOW really does say it all!! What a profound shiftng experience for everyone involved! After experiencing our True Essence meditation (during which each person meets their True Essence, who they truly are, and reclaims gifts and abilities they may have long forgotten), one person in the back of the room yelled out: “How dare you!!” as she raised her arm out and pointed her finger at me with a smiling, tear-stained face as she shook her head back and forth. She later read a poem she wrote during one of the breaks about the experience. Essentially, she explained that she had convinced herself that no one cared about her and that she had learned to not care about herself. “How dare you make me cry and make me smile and make me admit that you do care about me and make me start to care about myself!”

It was so powerful to see the women in the room transform over the course of 8 hours- to realize and know that they are lovable, to be given tools and techniques to release guilt and shame, to find a place within of peace and inner strength. I think we were as powerfully touched at times as they were with their shifts in perception and sense of self-worth and ability to feel worthy of being loved. Many of the women in the room were also mothers who were dealing with guilt over leaving behind their children while serving their time in the L.A. County Jail. These women already had requested to be involved in the Women in Transition Support program sponsored by the n-ACTION Family Network which is spear-headed by Kay Coulson. The program was approved to be brought into the L.A. County Jail by Sheriff Bacca in Los Angeles.  This worthy program assists with giving as much support as possible to the women by arranging lectures and seminars in the jail system to boost self-esteem, give tips on job-hunting and transitioning as smoothly as possible back into society, as well as emotional support.

Dr.’s Tracy Latz and Marion Ross were united with the WITS program through attorney Thomas Mesereau (Michael Jackson’s trial attorney) who felt that the Shift Your Life teachings of Dr.’s Ross and Latz were a perfect match for the needs of the women incarcerated within the L.A. County Jail system. The comments of some of the women inmates who participated in the 8 hour seminar were as follows:

“Thank you for taking the time out to enlighten us. I hope you will be able to help other women in this situation so they can receive the same blessing”- NS

“Thank you for the great inspirational lecture. Im always going to keep your words of advise with me. I can’t wait to read your book completely through”- SS

“Thanks you very much. You have made a huge difference in my life! May God bless you  because he had blessed me to be able to have met you!”- PM

“Thank you! For the new experience. I was able to find out more about myself and it was something emotional and inspiring. Thanx!”- Anonymous

“Thank you! For being a bright shining star in our mostly dark universe!! I will keep and USE the tools you have left. With much respect…”- CC

“Thank you for this life empowering experience.”- YR

“I thank God for bringing you into my life- Now I too can continue to grow.”- MH

“To the whole world you may just be one person but to one person you may just be the whole world! ASANTE SANA (Thanks in Swahili)”- M

“I appreciate you all thank you so very much. The universe directed you both my way. I took in every minute of this please continue to touch the world with your much needed positive info. Thank you!”- PM

“Thank you so much for showing me how to open up my heart and soul and see my true self. Thank you.”- DL

“Thank you so much! I’ve dreamed and longed for a technique to help channel my anger, guilt and shame. Thank you. xo”-SM

“Thank you for coming and having a great and very helpful seminar.”- LB

“Thank you for teaching of how to be a better person. Thank you for your sweet time and bless you.”- JC

“I want to thank you for coming in today. It was a really nice thing for you to do. You did very good help.”- JS

“I admire your positive and firm energy. Thank you for the message.”- E

“Thank you for the Inspiration and Keys of Wisdom. Keep doing what you do. God bless you.”- WS

“Thank you for your time. You have been in ‘Lightning’.”- B

“Thank you so much for showing me a better way to live and love myself from today forward. Thank you- God bless!”- Anon

“You have a wonderful personality and knowledge and wisdom. May God bless you. Be safe going home.”- AM

“I thank you! For coming it did help me alot with my resentment and anger.”- S

“Thank you for taking your time to speak with us. You did an awesome job. Continue your job well done.”- S

As we said before…… WOW!!

Sending Loads of Love and Light to these women and the many others like them as they continue on their journey…

Tracy Latz, M.D. & Marion Ross, Ph.D.

The Shift Doctors Empower Female Inmates at L.A. County Jail to ‘Shift Their Lives’

April 24, 2010

n-Action Family Network’s Women in Transition program is sponsoring a one day workshop for women at the L.A. County Jail on April 24, 2010 with Tracy Latz M.D. and Marion Ross Ph.D., the best selling authors of the book ‘Shift: A Woman’s Guide to Transformation’.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) April 23, 2010 — On Saturday April 24, 2010, the n-Action Family Network’s Women in Transition program is sponsoring a one day workshop with Tracy Latz M.D. and Marion Ross Ph.D., the best selling authors of ‘Shift: A Woman’s Guide to Transformation’ at the Los Angeles County Jail. The Shift Your Life Seminar is targeted towards anyone who wants to overcome roadblocks to creating happiness, joy or abundance in their lives. This seminar will give participants the resources to understand why they are stuck in their lives and the tools, techniques and awareness to create their lives differently and achieve personal transformation. It will assist them to overcome their biggest obstacles to becoming, present, aware and able to create with new perspectives in their lives.

Some comments from previous attendees:
” I found this inspiring workshop to be both enlightening and empowering. It is not only a discussion on self-love, self-healing, and self-transformation — it is also filled with guided exercises to gently bring you back to your divine self — the self that is free of judgments, free of negativity, and true to the essence of that which we all truly are — pure love.” -K.N of Reading, PA

“SHIFT Seminar is an amazing course to rid yourself of the constant challenge in our everyday lives that stress us out and then turns into pain all over our bodies. It easily helps you understand how to stop this endless cycle when it happens. Marion Ross and Tracy Latz are amazing at honing in on the problems that get us stuck in our lives and then solving them…quickly! Shift is the prevention and solution worth a ton of cure…” -A.P., Los Angeles, CA

“The workshop you conducted at the NY Public Library in Harlem on March 27, 2010 shifted my attitude towards life completely. Some of the meditations you lead helped me to break down my defenses because they required me to imagine giving and receiving love (e.g. the loving benefactor mediation). I also found that the EFT exercises helped me to reduce my stress levels and I continue to do them a couple times every week. I related to the story you shared about the preoccupied woman whose parking spot was stolen from her. Like the woman, I am guilty of becoming possessed by my thoughts and emotions when faced with an unexpected or unfavorable event. The allegory illustrated to me how the cycle of self-absorption manifests and the importance of remembering that we are not our experiences; we are spiritual beings having experiences. You helped me address some of my personal obstacles. You took the time and care to listen to my questions and concerns, it made me feel valued. I really appreciated the tips and tai chi exercises you recommended to me to boost my energy. I was so touched by your kindness, that it caused an immediate shift in my attitude towards life. I began to feel invested in life again, open to the possibility of bonding with others and hopeful about the future. Thank you both so very much for helping me move forward! ” -S.A., NYC,NY

For more information on future seminars or to schedule speaking engagements/seminars at your facility, contact the Shift Doctors through their website at or on Twitter @ShiftYourLIfe as the Shift Doctors and on their Facebook Tracy Latz M.D. & Marion Ross Ph.D. fanpage.

Share a Story and Get Free Publicity- A Win-Win For All!

April 11, 2010

We are doing some research for an upcoming seminar and our third book on entrepreneurial/personal/professional transformation. We want to collect stories on how you or one of your colleagues/clients were either stuck in their business or professional life due to one of the obstacles listed below OR made a quantum leap and overcame one of the following obstacles to achieving success in reaching his/her goals in a professional or business arena. If you would like to share one or more stories <we do not want to use anyone’s real name in the stories so as not to breach confidentiality please>, we would be delighted to give you credit for being a contributor with a link to your website if you would like. The book will be co-authored by a nationally known entrepreneur and will likely be widely distributed.

The obstacles that we wish to address in the professional/entrepreneurial or work arena include the following: feeling unlovable, guilt, shame, the fear of the unknown, difficulty with self-definition/loss of connection to one’s true self or purpose, sense of abandonment, anger, resentment, lack of self-love, inadequacy, powerlessness, heartache/disappointment, stress, habit, and selfdiscipline.

If you would like to submit a story, please supply your story, your name and your website (if you have one) along with a statement of your understanding and consent that this story may be published as submitted or as a composite. Submit your story to Your sole compensation for this story is that your name and website will be mentioned in our book or seminar.

Help us to Give Others the “Keys to Shift Your Life”!

Tracy Latz, M.D. & Marion Ross, Ph.D.

To Clone or Not To Clone?

April 7, 2010

While relaxing tonight in my home, I was contacted by a friend, John Soriano (“Mr. Possibility”), who wanted to know if I would assist his daughter who desperately needed someone to be interviewed and answer some questions for a homework assignment due tomorrow. Thinking it would be a light topic, I said “Sure!” Little did I know what was to come next… chuckle. The following includes the entire thought-provoking interview.

John Soriano, M.S.: “Scientists believe that Human Cloning can be beneficial to humans. However, its been said that it costs about $1 million to clone a human. Do you believe that scientist should continue despite the costs even though an egg only has a 25% chance of becoming an individual?”

Tracy Latz, M.D.: “I do not believe that the benefit comes from cloning a whole human. There have been successful cloning of human or other animal cells for ‘growing’ certain organs or tissues that can be helpful in the medical field. For instance, Wake Forest University has a Department of Regenerative Medicine where they have successfully cloned human cells to create a bladder for cancer patients that have had theirs removed. They also have cloned blood vessels for surgical replacement of arteries in humans.
The choice to continue cloning studies is enticing to scientists who like to prove or disprove whether or not it can successfully be done. We certainly have been able to clone certain mammals successfully (such as sheep). I am not so concerned with the financial costs of pursuing human cloning as I am the moral and ethical slippery slope and dilemmas that it poses.”

John Soriano, M.S.: “In therapeutic cloning it takes about 100 or more tries to clone a human embryonic stem cell line. Do you think going through all these tries to achieve 1 single success is ethically respectable?”

Tracy Latz, M.D.: “We already are (and have been for a while) cloning human stem cells in cell biology and immunology labs all over the world. There are various cell lines that have been perpetuated for doing cell biology research- even I assisted with perpetuating these cell lines or cell cultures in an immunology lab at Georgetown University for research purposes that were also tied to the NIH. However, these cells are not intended for using to grow a whole human organism- they are for studying cell growth and effects of various viruses, parasites and environments on cell growth. It seems the ethical and moral dilemma begins beyond the single stem cell line- it begins to create issues when cells begin to organize later in development and actually form tissue that has nervous system and higher forms of cellular communication. At the single cell level, it does not seem to create moral confusion.”

John Soriano, M.S.: “Have you or any loved ones been devastated with any debilitating illness where you believe cloning would have helped?”

Tracy Latz, M.D.: “My father died of multiple myeloma- a form of bone cancer where a certain type of stem cell (B cells) in the bone marrow grows in an uncontrolled manner. It is possible that had he been diagnosed at an earlier stage that he could have had a stem cell transplant that could have come from cloned cells. I have a brother-in-law who required a liver transplant urgently and my sister ended up being a living donor- giving to him 2/3 of her own liver to allow him to survive. I suppose if there had been a human cloned liver available, then he could have been saved with that instead of putting my sister at risk of major surgery.”

John Soriano, M.S.: “Do you agree that cloning disorders the genetic social identity of the cloned child-to-be; it threatens the sense of individuality, and takes a giant step toward turning procreation into manufacture?”

Tracy Latz, M.D.: “I definitely agree that it would feasibly be very difficult psychologically to deal with knowing that you were a clone. It would potentially create a scenario where a child reaching adolescence who naturally begins to question who they are, would have a possible crisis with feeling that they are merely an ‘extra’ or a ‘double’ of someone else… as if they were somehow a ‘fake’. How would you not only view your self, but how would peers view you? Would there be a possible relegation of the person to being a ‘second class citizen’?
The ‘slippery slope’ that I mentioned above has to do with the temptation to use cloning as a way of manufacturing people on a large scale. Would it not be tempting to just clone some humans to send off to war rather than our ‘loved ones’? The sense of power and control one might achieve by creating your own army or ‘slaves’ would be extremely seductive to many world leaders that have crossed ethical boundaries in the history of mankind. What is to be done with clones that are no longer useful or needed? Who decides how they are to be used? The ones creating them? Or the clone them self? Are decisions made for good of the one or for the good of the many of society?”

John Soriano, M.S.: “Do you believe that Human Cloning would mark a major step toward a world where children will become products of manipulation and products of will?”

Tracy Latz, M.D.: “If parents were given options of use of cloning to choose to have either a boy or a girl child or blond hair or blue eyes…. again, what happens to the rejects? There is no way to know how some of the attributes (hair or eye color) will turn out until a child is viable and born. Who decides if the embryo or child is destroyed? What happens if 2 brilliant musicians wish to clone a child they desire to have who is also musically gifted and they find out when the child is age 5 that they have no musical talent? Does the child get ‘sent back’? Do you stop loving that child? Or if the child is not as beautiful as you wanted or had some defect? We know these are real issues in such countries as China where there have been birth limits placed and people have chosen to abort a child who was not the sex they desired to have. I think history has proven that there will likely be a tendency toward manipulation of embryos at various stages and desire to create a product of will by either the parents or the creators in the lab.”

John Soriano, M.S.: “Do you yourself agree with the studies of Human Cloning even though they are said to be ethically questionable?”

Tracy Latz, M.D.: “As a former cell biologist (prior to medical school training and training as a psychiatrist) I see the merits of cloning of cells and tissues to create stem cells for repopulating bone marrows in cancer treatments. I see the merits of cloning of cell tissues to assist with improving quality of life. These cells can be obtained from tissues that would otherwise have been discarded- it allows the cells to have some inherent ‘purpose’ rather than to be incinerated following ‘therapeutic’ abortion procedures (of which there are thousands upon thousands performed every year) from unwanted, terminated pregnancies at early stages of development.
However, I am not comfortable with the idea of cloning a whole human. It opens so many questions of moral, ethical and spiritual natures. For instance, if the cells are separated from an embryo at an early stage and successfully cloned so that a single embryo is now cloned into 4 viable embryos, is the soul equally divided amongst the 4 now? Or does the soul only reside in one and the other 3 are soulless? How would we know? Who will act as parents for these 4 now? The lab tech? The genetic research company? Will they be on display their whole life and hauled around like a dog and pony show? I just think it opens up Pandora’s box of issues… even though I know that the angel Hope is the last thing that comes out of that box… it just is a bit troubling to me.”

John Soriano, M.S.: “Cloning is said to save an individual who requires a transplant, make another reproductive option for people who wish to have genetically related children but are unable to conceive, and create a new child out of one that is dying from injury or disease. Do you believe that cloning goes against laws of nature and our society’s morals and ethics?”

Tracy Latz, M.D.: “Identical twins are caused by a natural cloning of an embryo at a very early stage of cellular division and development. Is this directed by the soul that splits between the 2? Is it a fluke? If it is a fluke, then you cannot say that cloning goes against the Laws of Nature. If one believes as I do that everything is in Divine Order at every moment, then there is some reason this technology is now sitting in front of our faces and in our minds and troubling our hearts. Perhaps it is our test of whether we will use the knowledge being led from our hearts or whether we will be running headlong in a race out of fear that someone will “beat us to the punch”. This dilemma should give us pause to question what it is that makes us human versus just a grouping of tissues and cells.
Do we have a moral dilemma to save everyone from death? Is it possible even to do so? Where is the personal responsibility? Our choices have consequences- and we are very powerful in our choices. I hope we take our time in choosing wisely with our hearts combined with our great intellect… for that is Divine Wisdom.”

While I had pondered some of these questions before to various degrees, I had never been pinned down so specifically on the topic of cloning to tease apart all of my thoughts and feelings. I found the process helpful and reminded me of some of the better Medical Ethics discussion topics that I had participated in during medical school and residency training.

Perhaps these questions were as thought-provoking for you as they were for me…. and I thought it was going to be a simple interview…. grin.

Loads of Light to every cell, atom and tissue in your body… smile,

Tracy Latz, M.D., M.S.

P.S.Find out more about John Soriano, M.S., EFT-ADV at his website or follow him on twitter at . John is passionate about helping people improve their lives with ZPoint and EFT!

Spring Clean Your Energies: Shift into Self-Healthcare in Springtime

April 3, 2010
April 3rd, 2010 – Posted by the Shift Doctors (Tracy Latz, M.D. & Marion Ross, Ph.D.)

Now that spring is upon us, it is time to clear away winter’s stagnating energies and allow for a burst of new growth and positive opportunities in your life. The following tips assist with clearing away the cobwebs of stuck energy & allow for a new breath of life to emerge.

1. De-Clutter…. from your environment, your mind, your body! Remove anything from your closet that no longer resonates with who you are today. Remove any items in your home or workplace that you have not used in a year (as you are not likely to use them).  Consider throwing or giving them away, donating them to charity, or moving them into a storage facility to remove the clutter from your living or work space.

2. Feng shui your home or office. This energetic practice allows energy to flow unencumbered  in your environment. You can feel the difference with even minor changes in furniture placement. There are books on this energetic practice in bookstores and libraries. There is also a great deal of information on feng shui on the internet; or you can hire an expert to come in and redirect the energies in your space for you.

3. Create or rejuvenate a daily energetic practice. Perform daily energetic self-care exercises (see our easy-to-follow videos on YouTube on our ShiftYourLifeNow Channel). Such energy medicine or qigong exercises create a mindfulness of centering within as well as promoting a flow of qi or life force within the body to create a sense of wellness and cellular vibrancy. Our energy responds to the vibrations of our environment, externally and internally. Springtime is the time for a real tune-up!

4. Clear your heart of old blocked energies caused by past disappointments or old relationships that created heartache. Keeping reminders of old scenarios that created pain and heartache within daily view can cause you to remain tethered to past people and painful situations. Consider putting away any such items or memorabilia so that you can move forward in your life and attract positive people and situations. Consider downloading the Healing the Heart Meditation (from the Obstacle of Heartache track) at to allow you heart to heal from past or present pain or disappointment.

5. Clear your mind of negativity and focus your thoughts instead on what is your true heart’s desire to manifest in your life, your relationships or your body. Rather than sitting as a victim in old patterns decide how to create joy in your own life rather than waiting for someone else to create it for you. No one else can make you happy; lasting happiness ultimately only comes from within. Begin a gratitude journal to train your mind to focus on what is positive and good in your life- this will assist with creating a habit of a new perception of your life circumstances. You might also create a intention poster board to set your heartfelt intentions on what it is that you truly desire to create in your life. Cut out pictures that resonate with what you wish to manifest or have in your life, body or relationship and paste them on a poster that you see every day and send your love to daily to create. Monitor your progress over a 6 month time frame. Then create a new intention poster to constantly be mindful of what you are focusing on daily in your creations. Our energy of creation follows thought. We create what we think about.

6. Move! When you physically move, then your inner meridian energies begin to move as well. Springtime is when we often plan to put on our shorts or swimsuits once again and begin to move more. It is the perfect time to introduce a new exercise regimen or to start tai chi or some other form of qigong. If nothing else, dance around in figure 8’s to activate your radiant (joyful) circuits!

7. Spring brings new vibrancy into nature…. So take time out for nature. Take regular walks in natural areas. Notice the vibrant colors of the new leaf growth, the flowers and the birds. Listen to the sounds of spring around you… the call of animals and the songs of the birds. Feel your connectedness to it all. Dig in the dirt or stand with your bare feet firmly planted on the cool earth for grounding your energies as you create here in your physical world and your body. Our body responds to the higher vibrations of the vibrant colors that are bursting forth in nature during springtime. Take a moment to REALLY digest the colors of the bright flowers and birds. Look not only with your eyes… but with your whole stomach meridian that starts from just under your eyes and travels the whole length of the front of your torso and legs and off the top of your feet. When you look at people, plants, animals with your whole body, it is as if you are taking the energy of them into your own body… feel the difference from merely looking at something briefly with your eyes versus truly digesting it with your whole body. 🙂 If you have not done so already, try out our Mountain Meditation on our website at to feel your connectedness to all that is.

This is the time of year to ask your self what it is that makes you come alive. During this time of renewal and rebirth, it is appropriate to awaken from hibernation and grow in new directions.  Set your intention to re-create your self in any manner you choose. We are limited by no one and nothing except for our self. So… what are you waiting for…. time to blossom! 🙂

Loads of Love and Light to you as you Shift Your Life,

Tracy Latz, M.D. & Marion Ross, Ph.D. (a.k.a. the Shift Doctors)

“Giving You the Keys to Shift Your Life”

P.S. Soon our website and blogs and links will all be consolidated into a new website! We will be teaching in Los Angeles later this month- working with women who are intending to reinvent their lives. In June we will be teaching Vibrational Medicine and EFT in Philadelphia! Our complete Spring/Summer class  schedule will be revealed in a few weeks when we send a broadcast message out to our mailing list to those who have opted int our website. Otherwise we will post it on our website. Stay tuned! 🙂

Shift Your Life Crystal Bowl Vibrational Healing

February 12, 2010

We hope that you enjoy this crystal singing bowl vibrational healing that works on your body’s subtle energetic bodies. Sit back, relax, and experience what occurs as you play the video.

Tracy Latz, M.D. & Marion Ross, Ph.D.